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Puppet Tears: Puppetry Shop Talk

Sep 30, 2020

We're serving up more Cheers to Puppeteers as we're joined this week by marionette master Phillip Huber. You know Phillip from his iconic film performances in Spike Jonze's Being John Malkovitch and Disney's Oz: The Great and Powerful. His theatrical work includes Darling Grenadine, Busker Alley featuring Tommy Tune, That's Christmas featuring Sandy Duncan, and much more. His own production Suspended Animation, a marionette variety show, has been performed worldwide in over 15 countries.

Tune in as Phillip takes us through his storied history - from getting black-listed by travel insurance companies, learning all the left-handed roles in Tony Urbano's productions, to navigating the slings and arrows of puppets on film. We also discuss the importance of being a "rehearsal hog", giving your puppet's personality, and avoiding marionette gimmicks. PLUS: find out which of Adam's puppets Phillip most wants to introduce to his signature marionette Taffy.

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Release date: September 30, 2020
Edited by Matt Bowen
Hosted by Adam Kreutinger & Cameron Garrity