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Puppet Tears: Puppetry Shop Talk

May 20, 2020

This episode is sure to have a lot of Heart ... 's performer from Apple TV+'s Helpster - Ingrid Hansen! Ingrid is an incredibly talented Canadian puppeteer who has performed on programs such as Tiga Talk, Miss Persona, and Princess Sparkly Butt and the Hot Dog Kid. She is also the founder of SNAFU Dance Theatre and leads theater programs for incarcerated people in a Canadian prison system.

We'll talk with Ingrid about her breakout role as Heart in Sesame Workshop's Helpsters and how she had prepared for that role - from preparing for early auditions, performing the character on set, and how she stays connected with them even when the show isn't in production. She also shares some great information about puppetry learning opportunities throughout Canada and how she approaches the art form as a tool for outreach. PLUS: find out which Muppet performer discovered her at a wool festival in upstate New York.

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Release date: May 20, 2020
​Edited by Matt Bowen
Hosted by Adam Kreutinger & Cameron Garrity